An experience, of sorts.

There are a few words or phrases Ethan still says incorrectly that I don't have the heart to correct him on yet. One of my favorites is his frequent request for "a science experience". You know, something with beakers and smoke and explosions.

Imagine my delight, when thumbing through an old MS Kids magazine, I came across an article with a whole slew of kid-friendly experiments. Easy ones.

The first one required only an egg, white vinegar and a jar with a lid. Hypothesis: Um, something weird happens to the egg? Here's what you do. Put a raw egg in a jar, cover it with white vinegar, screw on the lid and store in fridge. The next day, pour out the liquid and cover with fresh vinegar. On the third day, observe: the shell is soft and the egg feels rubbery and just gross. You can turn the egg around and see the yolk moving inside.

That's where the experiment was supposed to end but Drew took it one step further. Fortunately we were outside with the egg when he decided to take matters into his own hands, if you will. I felt a splatter on my feet, looked up and, there was the egg, looking much as you would expect it to when broken.

Conclusion: If you're an egg, stay away from vinegar. And Drew.

Actually, I just googled and found a good little explanation with some alternate endings I wish I'd known about before. We'll have to try it again sometime.


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Claire said...

EWWWW! How loathsome! I'll have to try it!

I like the "science experience" phrase. Experience, experiment...same diff.

gretchen said...

Hey, I love your changing blog-banner. You have such a gift for photography--it's really amazing.