Classic fun

Driving downtown a few days ago, I decided on a whim to stop in at a toy store a friend had told me about. With all the kids along, I knew it was probably a mistake but we had the pre-expensive store talk before we got out. No touching anything and do NOT expect to buy anything. We are just looking.

It was a really neat place and fun to explore. The kids, with the exception of Adam who does not do well in any context, managed to behave themselves. I let them pick out something small and they finally decided on marbles. None for poor Adam.

Back at home we tried our hands at the classic game. In a moment of inspiration, I explained to Ethan that marbles were the Pokemon cards of our grandparents. They brought them to school, played with them on the playground, traded and collected them. I vaguely remember my own grandfather telling marble stories of his youth.

Next project: Making a drawstring pouch to keep the marbles out of Adam's chubby little paws.


gretchen said...

Such a classic! So spherical and smooth and hard and such perfect, enduring charm...I still have my own collection from elementary school days!

(We've been away and sans internet this week, and I've really been enjoying catching up on here!)

Heidi said...

How did we not talk about marbles today? Paige got some for her Birthday. So fun!