Filling Summer: Week 5

Remember the birdseed cookies from a couple weeks ago? Not such a hit with the birds. Just FYI.

But, another activity from the same site was definitely a success. I explained it to the boys and they were excited to gather up little "treasures" from around the house. Finally, a use for all that irritating clutter.

I got smart this time and filled a container with water and treasures for each of the boys. Here's a tip: Don't use your child's small sand bucket for this project. Ours cracked.

It ended up being a great time killer for a warm afternoon. I gave the boys a dropper, a spray bottle, salt and some sharp instruments (for the older ones)and they spent a LONG time working to uncover all the frozen odds and ends.


Claire said...

Cool idea! Hee hee.

kw said...


lizw said...

brilliant! i'll be trying this one, thank you!

gretchen said...

Wow! I love the whole reduce, reuse, recycle idea at work here, only I wish I could gather up those odds and ends and find a way to entertain the boys with them that would end up with all the junk thrown away, instead of reabsorbed into circulation.