Filling Summer: Week 6

We really did try this out last week, I'm just getting around to blogging about it now. I got a call from Grandma C about a fun craft she had tried with Luke. She found it in a Family Fun magazine. Although she gave me all the directions, you can also find them here. They were on the Family Fun website but I can't find them anymore to link to.

It was really simple and fun; a great outdoor activity. Cut off the bottom of a water bottle, attach a washcloth (or, if you want to sacrifice one for the cause, a piece of washcloth) to the opening, dip it in dish soap and blow through the top.

Ours never got quite as big as some of the snakes in the instructional video, but they were impressively foamy and alien. It seems like it would have worked a little better with a thinner washcloth but it was still good fun.


Anonymous said...

I took ours on the camping trip and everyone was quite impressed - especially Olivia. I used a thinner cloth and it worked fine. Missed your family - maybe next year?! Lost his tooth yet? Love, Gram C

Liane said...

Yep! Finally yanked it out last night. Just in time for his cleaning tomorrow.

the Joneses said...

We did that! It was a great hit!

Are you interested in some back issues of Family Fun? Because I'll send some to you. I keep reading them and thinking, "Liane really needs this magazine."

-- SJ

Liane said...

Sara....! I would love any or all you could spare. Thank you! (let me help with shipping)