A Halloween Hoot

I don't generally do much in the way of halloween decor. I love the colors of the season- the gourds, the fall color in wreaths and leaves brought inside. Why limit yourself to black and orange?

But I did spy an idea I really liked and decided to scan the Hideous Clutter Aisle at the thrift store for something that might work. These two owls were perfect.

All I needed was a can of black spray paint and some willing helpers.

(Notice the use of thumb for pressing the sprayer--not the most accurate technique)
Also, probably not the best setup for spray painting but I couldn't find my drop cloth.

Adam, despite a fever of 103, insisted on wearing his hat and helping out with the shaking of the can.

I had to pry off the eyes in order to paint and when reapplying, the glue gun was not my friend. Can you tell?

Whether you think they looked better before or after, they are certainly transformed. Spookiness achieved.