A blogging breakthrough

Blogging is one of those extraneous limbs you lose when you're trying to keep vital systems functioning. Which is an overly dramatic way of saying I haven't been feeling great lately. Nausea, fatigue and sleepless nights. All my energy has been channeled into survival.

That is, until about a week ago. I had a surge of energy and inspiration and I made the most of it. After all, Christmas and birthdays are coming. For the first time in quite a while, I wanted to create. And now, a week later, I'm feeling ready to write a couple sentences about it and put up pictures! Progress.

This first idea was inspired by this memory game tutorial. Simple and cheap. A little time consuming but satisfying. I found the wooden squares at Michael's and discovered some really cool paper there as well. Next time I would make more matches. I only did twelve squares and it makes for a fairly quick game, almost too easy. But, there are times when that's a good thing.

I relied on a some old standbys for other gifts. Like The flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting for part of a teacher's gift.

Good ol' bean bag frogs from purl bee:

And the Wee Wonderfuls Big-Footed Bunny:

(The best part is that none of the recipients read my blog, so I get to post pictures)

My manic crafting has already slowed down but hopefully I'll be inspired a few more times before the month is out. If so, you know I'll share every last, boring detail!


Anonymous said...

Amazing woman that you are! I am impressed!!! Gram C

gretchen said...

"Manic crafting" -- Boy you're not kidding! I can't believe you did all that stuff in a week!!! Good grief!

Can't wait till the next inspirational surge hits you : )

drewey fern said...

Wowzer! I'm so impressed. And there's something so personal and thoughtful about a handmade gift. Yay for you!

Heidi said...

Breckin has decided his is a :poison dart frog" and it hops around and kills the girls frogs.