A fresh start

Happy new year! Here's to new inspiration, energy and life for blogging. This spot is becoming pathetic.

Funny how the thought of activities that were once motivating, even compelling, can make my head feel like a cement block. I've attributed this underwater fatigue to pregnancy but it doesn't seem to be getting better. Maybe in a week or two. Is there such a thing as pre-partum depression?

In years past I've noticed various flickr groups dedicated to taking a picture every day for a year. It seems like just the challenge I need right now. Daunting in these winter months when the light is low and we're stuck inside, but potentially satisfying. And no writing necessary. Project 365, here I come.

I did almost give up today, on the first day because I wasn't able to get a picture I was terribly thrilled with. But, the group is not called "Pulitzer Prize Project", so I think I'm good.

I'll probably just stick to pictures for a while because putting words together in a readable fashion feels like swimming with rocks in my pockets. Some bathing apparel has pockets, right? See, can't make sense.


Heidi said...

Happy new year, L! You must be doing okay, hun, even a picture a day seems overwhelming to me. You don't give yourself enough credit, you're a superstar :) Since you are making commitments, lets make a resolution to have a "date" once a month in the new year.

Liane said...

Yes!! Best resolution yet.

Susan Elizabeth said...

I love your photography...I look forward to seeing what you post each day. Day # 1 is a great start!
Congrats on your pregnancy! Hope you feel 100% soon!

Liane said...

Thanks, Susan!

gretchen said...

Hurray! I can't wait! Bring on the photos!!! Forget about trying to be coherent -- who cares!? Your pictures will be more coherent than a thousand of your words.

: )