Random bits

Woe is me, the good camera has flown the coop for a couple weeks. It's just me, the point-n-shoot and three cranky boys in various states of SICK. Sadly, I only made it fifty days into my 365 daily picture project. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Or rather, it wasn't really fun for long which is why it ended.

All is not complete doom and gloom though. I found some inspiration and energy to try out a tutorial I've had bookmarked for a while. Yes, I'm a bit of a plastic-phobe when it comes to food and as impractical and mildly crazy as it appears, I was drawn to these reusable snack containers.

Not ideal for all snacks, but it's a start. I also fashioned (that is, folded in half and stitched) a couple bread bags out of old dishtowels for storing fresh, homemade (warm) bread. (Inspired by this post) Warning: gets stale quick! Maybe next time I'll wrap the cloth bags in plastic to keep them fresher? Needs tweaking.

While I mentioned it on facebook, I don't think I ever made it official here on my blog, which is where I'm trying to spend more time now. We are expecting a girl in June! The house is filling up with pink. And various shades thereof.

Also getting excited about all the plastic bottle alternatives I'm finding out there. In the past, I've only been able to find these 8 oz glass bottles, but now they are available in 4 oz as well. And, if you don't check out the price tag, these are fun options, both plastic (free of phthalates and free of bisphenol A) and stainless steel.

I know some people are scared by the possibility of a glass bottle breaking but I've found they are pretty tough. Mine have survived many deliberate hurls to the floor. There are protective covers available though.

On my list to try out soon: This well-reviewed chocolate chip recipe.

Homemade pasta with the help of this book which I just may have to keep out of the library forever. It's that good.


Heidi said...

Oh I so wish I had those bread sacks here right now. I just made 9 loaves of my Grandmas bread and I have 4 bags left for them. I should slice and freeze, though, so I guess I need to take a trip to the store for... your favorite... plastic. Can you guys come and play soon? Tell me when you need to get out, we want to have you over, miss you!!!

gretchen said...

Hurray for pink!!!

I'm trying to avoid total plastic paranoia, but still working towards eliminating it where sensible. Those bags are ultra-cute!

And oh my word I looked at that chocolate chip recipe and I can hardly restrain myself...Hmm, chocolate chip cookies for supper, anyone?

Leslie said...

Wow! From what I've read, pink is a new color for your family! How wonderful it will be for this little girl to have (is it 3?) protective older brothers! Truly, I always wanted older brothers!

Congrats to you and all the boys!

Don't give up on the 365 challenge, just pick up the next day - maybe they won't be 365 consecutive days, but 365 nonetheless. Your photos are just breathtaking.

Liane said...

The chocolate chip recipe definitely lives up to its reputation. Doesn't need the full 2 cups of chips though!

Thanks, Leslie! I do hope to try again with the 365 challenge at some point...sometime after I get my good camera back:)