All together now

Last Friday we managed a little family outing. Something which has admittedly become rather rare. We have a great network of trails in this area and it is a fairly easy ride to a popular cider mill. It's a great fall destination but they also have good ice-cream and the summer-time advantage of no crowds.

The men-folk took the bike trail and Sadie and I drove to meet them. I can't wait 'til she is old enough to sit in the bike seat behind me so we can all go together.

The weather was perfect and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

We had one incident where Drew kicked off his croc in the swiftly moving river and Ethan fell and cut himself on the rocks trying to retrieve it. Keith saved the day by running down beside the water and grabbing it.

Also. There were goats. Or cows, as Adam insists on calling them. Loud goats. Adam worked up his nerve to visit them beside their pen, and was just getting comfortable when they let out the loudest "MaaaaHHHHaaaaaaa" you have ever heard. I think we all jumped. Adam threw himself face first on the grass beside them. He was not happy.

Lulled to sleep in her car seat, Sadie slept the entire time. Ah, peace.


Heidi said...

Where do you find the energy, my dear?

Audrey Thompson said...

This is wonderful. It makes me crave being outside and adventuring!!

Unfortunately, the heat here is just too much at the moment. Boo.

gretchen said...

Yay! Great story! So glad for you being able to start building memories with your newest addition!

: )

Love to you

kara's party ideas said...

Hi Liane,

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