Birthday like Beckham

When Ethan requested a soccer-themed birthday party I wasn't terribly excited about the idea. I figured it would be pretty boring for kids to come over and play soccer-such an ordinary event around here. But I underestimated the simple love of the game Ethan and so many of his friends have.

I had planned a few variations on the game but we didn't get to all of them because the boys were so eager just to play plain ol' soccer.

As far as party ideas, I didn't have to look far online to find inspiration. I used the invitations and envelopes from this site which has a ton of great printables and free downloads.

We had a such a good group of boys. Eight years old, becoming more aware of themselves and others but still excited by the sight of cicadas in the grass and eager to watch a friend open presents.

Happy birthday to my favorite eight-year-old!

More pictures here.


drewey fern said...

Yay! Beautiful job again, Liane! And a happy belated birthday to Ethan:)

Susan Elizabeth said...

Cute idea with the black and white balloons! Eight has always been a fun age to celebrate with a party...the kids seem to really enjoy the whole thing!
Great job!

Nika said...

Cool party. Good job, Liane... Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures and glad they could have so much fun. Soccer was such a part of our boy's lives - constantly bouncing balls off their feet in the house when they couldn't be playing. Hopefully Ethan won't read this! Love to all, Gram C

Heidi said...

Wow, once again, don't know how you do it, darling.

Liane said...

Thanks, guys!
Miss you too, Nika!