I should get paid for this

Oh, the grand and laughable ideals I had before having children of my own. One was to play games with them as often as I possibly could. Ha, ha. I did play a lot more when Ethan was little than I ever have with the others but I can't say I enjoyed it much. There are only so many rounds of Candy Land a thinking adult can tolerate.

As Ethan gets older though, the selection is slightly less mind numbing. We have a good number of games that can be pretty fun if I'm willing to make the time commitment.

Sadly, there is always MUCH TO BE DONE. All the endless minutia that grows fangs if left too long. And, of course, facebook and blogs to read, pictures to edit. Down time to be fought for.

Enter Bananagrams. I hadn't planned to buy this game for Christmas but I saw it and remembered some positive reviews, so I grabbed it. Worth every penny.


It's a kind of informal scrabble. Each player works to use up their individual collection of letters before the others. One round can go quickly and the game itself is easily portable, a zippered pouch full of letters. It really is fun and there's the extra bit about it being educational and all. Like learning that "coved" is a word. Who knew? I didn't.

Ethan really enjoys it (when he's not losing) and it even managed to trump videogame time when he had a friend over today. Our less literate children play versions of their own, Drew spelling out his name obsessively and Adam making long lines of letters. Totally normal!

Sadie just watches from her perch and looks cute.

Day 16: I'm cute


gretchen said...

That last picture = awesome!

Sounds a lot like the old Brown family favorite, Draw One. I should pull out our Scrabble tiles and teach the boys to play!

We got Pit for Christmas and have been having a ton of fun with it. I mostly like it because you get to shout at the top of your lungs the whole game if you feel like it : ) The boys seem to enjoy it too...I wonder why?

: )

Liane said...

Yes, it's a lot like Draw One which always makes me think of Mr. Wakeman who was like a wizard with that game. He was scary good.

I forgot I have Pit too! That's another great one.

Heidi said...

Paige got another version of scrabble for christmas that ethan would LOVE. I will have to try and somehow file that somewhere in my messy head to remember it for E's bday this year. Can't really go wrong with scrabble until they start spelling forbidden words with it anyway...

bafferly said...

That was a FUN post to read. We used to play so many games with the kids (though Monopoly had to be outlawed at intervals during the teen years!) Love the use of letters in your pix.

Bev J.