This and that, for lack of anything better

I admit I've been a little jealous of all the snowstorms they've been having out East. I love that Big Storm anticipation. Finally, it looks like we're about to get in on some of that snow action.

Probably a crazy fantasy, but I'm hoping to get some extra time for knitting while hibernating.

(Fiona's Top, size 12 mos, my first attempt at lace. Yarn from stash)

(Gaptastic Cowl, pattern on ravelry. Yarn: Zealana Eco Marino, elephant skin. Hopeful that I can pull off the cowl look.)

Also. I did it. A whole month of Bumbos. A lesson in perseverance, taught by a pink taskmaster. I really did find it surprising the way a goal forced my hand creatively. So many days I wondered how I could possibly come up with something new for a photo. And somehow, it happened in spite of me.

Goal for February to be revealed soon!


Heidi said...

Sadie's tootsies in that picture sure look an awful lot like a certain favorite bag Paige carries her library books in! I, too, have been so jealous of the snow storms that have been missing us. Always looking for an excuse to stay in. So hoping it really hits us this time :)

drewey fern said...

Yayyy for you with your bumpo pics! I'm impressed! My favorite is the one with the several birds' eye views.

And I'm glad I'm not alone in coveting other people's blizzards:)

gretchen said...

Congrats on fulfilling a goal! Good feeling : ) I enjoyed seeing what you came up with as the month progressed! Interesting the way a defined boundary forced you to be more expansive and creative. Good food for creative thought...