Not just a salad with walnuts

Play silks. Not much on my radar before. One of those vague, Waldorfy, peace & love kind of playthings. Something I could not picture my boys ever using.

Even so, I really liked the idea of dyeing them with Koolaid. I've been seeing this online quite a bit, and figured the boys would at least enjoy that process.

I found the most reasonable silks at this site. They come in a wide variety of sizes.

There's a whole ton of tutorials out there. We used vinegar, food coloring and Koolaid, bought specifically for this project (yes, I'm hippie enough to shun the stuff as a food).

It was a fun exploration of color. The boys enjoyed the importance of selecting their own hue, then mixing and measuring. We all enjoyed the results.

It really is amazing all the ways these little squares of color can be used.

Although, I'm not entirely sure a blood-red-battlefield-for-Playmobil-soldiers was one play scheme Rudolf Steiner would have endorsed.


the Joneses said...

Those are so cool! I am always in awe of the crafts you manage to involve your boys in, but this one looks Jones-accessible. My kids love mixing colors. I suspect we'll end up with some oddly-hued gray scarves.

LOVE the picture of Sadie wanting the scarf!

-- SJ

gretchen said...

Rudolf Steiner indeed : )

They also make great opportunities for more cool photos of your adorable kids, yes indeedy!