A curious ancient pastime

Goal: Freshen up this old, incomplete croquet set, found free beside the road in our ol' Birmingham days. A little crazy. Just an aside, people make their own toilet paper. I'm not so bad.


And nothing's crazy when you are stuck with four kids and no car for far longer than is decent. With the possibility of many more car-less days. Thank you, competent people of the mechanic world.


Although I actually kind of like the old muted colors, I thought some fresh paint might be fun. Transformation brought to you by paintbrushes, a rag and a rubber band.




Next step: learn the fine points of croquet. And make some hoops.


Anonymous said...

This is great, Liane. I was without our van for a month!! UGH! I feel your pain, but you seem to be making the best of it. Good for you! But the most disturbing thing about it all is that you posted a link to make your own toilet paper....and I clicked on it. Guess I should go buy a tub of laundry soap just so I don't get carried away with making everything:) -- Brandi