Drew and I watch fit people run by

The Brooksie Way half-marathon and 5K shuts down our town for a few hours every October. The route passes very close to our house and every year I mean to check it out.

Drew and I watch on Tienken

So, this morning I tried to motivate the boys to get out of the house with me. I announced there would be a PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! SO MUCH FUN! And a PRIZE, even! A PRIZE for the best photograph!

Ethan demanded to know what the prize would be. All I could offer was a lollipop left over from his party favors. Not good enough for him.

But Drew was excited about getting his "own" camera and came along eagerly.

Watching the race

He took over 200 pictures.

We hung out around mile 8, clapped, cheered, and watched the hordes run, walk and stagger by.

Water break

Mile 8


I noticed Drew was really getting into his photography. He even got some shots of me.

Drew photographs me

Camera wars ensued.

People taking pictures of people taking pictures

Drew took at least 20 shots of paper cups and maybe as many of his own feet.
taken by Drew

getting a close-up

I was impressed by some of his pictures, though. And I loved watching his enthusiasm for the process grow.

Walking back from the race, Drew said, "Let's do this every year!"


Heidi said...

WOW, those were some FIT peeps!!! I take back my enthusiasm for us being able to do that next year, HA! We should take Kate and Drew "walking." we may not get exercise calories burned but the joy in watching those two with cameras would be a blast.

Liane said...

There were definitely some participants who gave me hope:) We CAN and we WILL!

gretchen said...

Yay for a successful outing, and at least one enthusiastic child : )

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

That's awesome! I LOVE watching my boys with a camera. Yes, they would also take MANY photos of littered cups, they would love that. I love their view of the world. It's not only the subjects they find "cool" but also their actual height that gives perspective. We have to contort and stoop to see certain things, but those views are easy for the little ones. And make for awesome photos.

I love the camera wars!!!

Liane said...

It's fun because the boys have all started wanting (fighting over) the camera now. Some highly amusing pictures result!