We survived a four day weekend!

Ethan and Drew had yesterday and today off from school.  Some teacher professional development business or other.  It's made for a bit of a lull in the usual routine, if life with four kids can ever have such a thing.

I didn't have anything spectacular planned other than keeping my head above water.   I've found that kids have a way of happily filling up time themselves.  Ok, not always happily.  But, for the most part, we have had two fairly laid back days together which were badly needed.

There was:
-lots of raking (including one of our neighboring vacant homes)
-at least one game of Bananagrams
-soccer games (always)
-visits with neighborhood friends
-yes, there were quite a bit of Mario Striker games and SpongeBob episodes, I admit.
-one blessed 45 minute period when Keith took ALL the kids voting with him.  I vacuumed in peace (did I just say that?) and when I finished vacuuming, I enjoyed every last second of quiet.  The cat and I looked at each other.  And smiled. (did I say that, too?)
-a visit to the library
-haircuts for two of the boys
-homemade tattoos (not my idea) which eventually just turned into stamping themselves
-a little bit of knitting (after the kids were in bed lest you think me so indulgent)
-one fun craft project involving yarn and Kool-Aid (more of that for a separate post)
-lots and lots of coffee
-and, oh yeah, way too much yelling and screaming and general fighting

Long weekend
There was NOT:
-any driving to and from soccer or school (Bless!)
-hateful morning poking and prodding to GET READY, brush your teeth, get dressed already! In actual clothes, please!
-packing of lunches
-homework (!)  Yes, you heard me, NO homework!  What are elementary schools coming to these days? So lax!
-no need to dress a certain way (No, you can't wear shorts and a t-shirt to school again, Ethan.  People will judge me!)
-endless scraping of frost from car
-waiting in the Kindergarten car loop (although, I really kind of enjoy those quiet moments)
-an abundance of patience on my part.  But that's nothing new.


Heidi said...

Uh oh, is there a problem with shorts and a tshirt? So long as it's over 40 degrees right? Its always hot in school??? You make the days sound blissful :)