Back on the grid

Snow is falling, the kids are playing quietly for the moment, and both of our computers are back in working order. Finally.

Computer trouble began last week with my geriatric laptop, It hobbled, stumbled, crashed and burned. For years now its use has generated enormous energy just short of puffing smoke so I really wasn't surprised by its sudden refusal to function.

The PC was another story. It's a fairly recent acquisition and the most accessible, used unit in the house. Completely fried.

Keith scrambled around and managed to get the laptop up and working(for now) and backed up the PC before eventually installing a new hard drive. Amazing and a little scary how we missed it.

So, that's my excuse for no Friday photo last week.

But, I've got one today!

There are quite a few things I will not be sad to see my children grow out of. Sprawling block creations are not one of them.


Leslie said...

Yeah, I love the blocks. And the train tracks. I'm really going to miss all of that. But we're not there yet! Let's stop thinking about it!!!! We're here, now, surrounded by blocks and trains!