Out with my hobos

The boys have a couple days off from school for mid-winter break. With the sun shining and snow gone, I managed to convince Ethan and Drew to get out and explore with me.

I've really wanted to try the town trails in the winter sometime. A real winter. With real snow. Instead, we maneuvered around a little mud and leaves. Still, nice to get outside.

Paint Creek Trail

It was fun to be out with just the older boys. No need for bathroom breaks or snacks. They were constantly making me laugh.

We saw two or three suspicious looking characters in the woods and they would shout out, "Hobo with a gun!"

We found a little pond, if you can call it that, in the Dinosaur Hill section of the trail.


It took the boys a little while to get used to the ice.

There were a few falls

Every time it cracked a little, they would shout at me to get off saying, "But you're the heaviest!"

Ethan had grand schemes of ice-hockey. Which lasted until he stepped through a thin spot in the ice.

Makeshift hockey


We headed home, had a few impromptu races on the trail. Not gonna say who lost every single one. Still fun.



Leslie said...

Oh my gosh, this was so neat! And you're GORGEOUS! The photo of the boys standing on ice between the two big trees is amazing - it looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings or something. Like a fabulous movie set.

"Hobo with a gun!" That is way too funny. As I've said many times on your blog before, I LOVE boys! They really do know how to make us laugh, don't they?

Thanks for another beautiful post!

Liane said...

Thanks, Leslie...your comments are always good for my self-esteem:)