Puddle stomping

I decided to revisit walnut boats with the boys. Last time we made them, we were limited to a kitchen sink boat launch because of weather.

But yesterday evening, the warm spring air and the morning rains had given us perfect waterways in the rutted driveway of the vacant driveway next to ours.

The boys each made their own sail and Ethan helped me fill the walnuts with dripping hot wax.

Walnut boats

They lined up the fleet at some sort of prearranged starting point.

The Launch

After that, we were all a little unclear how these boats might "race" each other. The boys decided they would blow on them to get them going.

It was pretty intense.

Walnut boat race

Within seconds, boats were tipping and sinking and hopes were dashed.

Sadly, one unfortunate walnut was even stomped on in a fit of rage.

Then came the natural progression of chaos and splashing and mud in the eyes.


And, not much later, bath-time.


gretchen said...

"Sadly, one unfortunate walnut was even stomped on in a fit of rage."

Oh the understatement of it! If only I could remain so detached in the middle of our little crises, and see the humor in it, not just the outrageous behavior.