Recycle Bin

Cleaning out my phone of a few recent shots.

Sitting on the sidewalk in the sun, waiting to pick up Drew.

Spinach smoothie.  Breakfast.

Lots and lots of walking.  And a little running.

Microwave potato chips.  Thanks, Emma!

My new ring.  10x bigger than I thought when I ordered it.  Love it.


Emma C said...

Hey! You're welcome!

gretchen said...

Oh my word I LOVE these pictures. Come on, you took these with your PHONE camera? Now I can't just blame it all on "oh she must have a really nice camera" : ) (I know, I know, it's like telling a cook the meal was great and she must have really nice pots and pans, but I think a camera is at least a *little* different--please?)

These are pretty amazing. And, uh, spinach smoothie? For breakfast? Really? What are you trying to do?

Liane said...

:) the spinach smoothie also includes banana, pineapple, and yogurt. Really good, actually!

gretchen said...

Oh alright, as long as it has some yummy stuff too : ) I can believe it's good.