Seven years of blogging.  Sounds like a good number to go out on.  This space has served its purpose, I think.  It gave me a creative outlet, a place to grieve, express myself, find new friends and explore a world of craft, art, photography.

It was a huge part of my life and helped me cope with life and celebrate the ordinary.

Somehow I don't feel like I fit in this place anymore.  In fact, it makes me profoundly tired.  I've outgrown it, I guess. 

Time to explore new possibilities, new ideas. 

Maybe I'll start a photoblog.  That's one thing I never seem to get tired of.

I'll add a link here at some point if I decide to head in that direction.  In the meantime, I'll always be posting to flickr.  Can't stop me.  It's like a disease.

Thank you to all my loyal readers and commenters for keeping me going as long as I have.


Darren said...

Sorry to hear it, but I'll look forward to new pictures on Facebook :)

Emma C said...

The end of an era! (Which I originally typed as "ear") I'm so glad that our blogs brought us together all those years ago!

the Joneses said...

Oh. Sad. I've loved your blog all these years. I feel like we've gotten to be friends even though we met only one time. On the upside, I love your photos, too, and I'm glad those aren't "fin."

-- SJ

KJ said...

I greatly enjoyed it all!! Thanks for sharing and expressing for so long!

gretchen said...


How will I survive!?

This could be the final tipping point that forces me to join Facebook, but no! I will resist the tide!

I should look on the bright side: it's been a wonderful gift and favorite destination for seven years. Thank you!

Oh yeah, Flickr!!! There is hope!

Hmm, I may have to actually start writing you to keep in touch, instead of cheating by just commenting here : )

Unknown said...

I understand. Mine is "fin" as well. Luckily I can talk-blog for realsies with you :) -h

Liane said...

Thank you guys so much. Emma and Sara, I consider you guys to be some of my biggest blogging benefits:) Good thing we have facebook...

Claire said...

NOOOO! Say it aint so! Maybe all this positive feedback will change your mind... Funny, I was just thinking about starting mine up again the other day.