I like to think about what Andrew would do with a blogspot, if he had been so inclined. It would definitely be interesting with great photos, random quotes and lots of funny stories.
In the last few years, one of my primary ways of communicating with Andrew was through Instant Messaging. I'm really not a big IMer, in fact, Andrew(Caledonia24)and Keith were the only ones on my buddy list. But it was fun to be doing something online and suddenly have a comment from Andrew pop up. He would tell me about the latest Strongbad email or we'd just chat for a few minutes about any old thing.
Sometimes, when I feel lonely for Andrew, I like to open up Instant Messager and click on his name, in spite of the message I know I'll get: Caledonia24 is not available. Even so, it's somehow a comfort to know that Andrew is still on my buddy list and someday, before too long, we'll be chatting again. Right now, he's just not available.


Claire said...

That was good stuff, Liane. Thankyou.

Last night in Wednesday night meeting, I happened to flip to an earlier part of my notebook, and glimpsed something that I had written during the Sabbath meeting of the Family Convention. Apparently Andrew had been sitting next to me. All I have written is: "'Breath of the Sabbath.' Andrew, " The Sabbath flosses." It gave me a little thrill to find something funny that he said that I'd forgotten about.

Gimli said...


It still hurts, doesn't it? (Understatement of the year, perhaps?) Penny and I still haven't been back to the restaurant that we took Melissa and Andrew to and had a fabulous time... I just downloaded Picasa 2 on my machine, and it had the nerve to go and ferret out all the pictures I had of them.

It's kind of paradoxical, but I guess the only thing you can do is take it one day at a time and yet maintain a long term perspective, all at the same time.


AliChat said...


Thank you for the encouraging reminder. I never emailed Andrew or IM'd him...but he is still on by "buddy list" or favorite person list anyway...I am reminded by your blog that he is not too far away.

I am thrilled to think of the time when we will see him at long last. I think it will feel like we just saw him yesterday. Time is a weird thing...with spiritual things and the unseen world anyway.

I recently dreamt that Andrew was called away on "Active Duty". I woke up so relieved.It was so real...He IS just called away on active duty....THE LORD's! What an awesome privilege!

Thanks for sharing it... remembering and honoring is good.