Ethan and Woody wave goodbye to Daddy... Posted by Hello


Gimli said...


I had forgotten about the "fund" until this very moment, which required that I contribute my also meagre savings. Furthermore. I don't recall that a single penny was spent on the house and I definitely don't remember getting a refund upon moving to Georgia.

Whatever happened to those resources? I do seem to recall an abundance of circus peanuts consumed by you about that time. 'Fess up.

ljmax said...

Circus peanuts????????
I gave the matter some fuzzy thought since, indeed I think I was the self-appointed treasurer and kept the funds in an old wallet of my grandfather's. I'm pretty sure the sum total of our efforts came to 2 or 3 whole dollars!
Also, I will need the other members to confirm this, but when you moved to Georgia, I faintly recollect us all pondering the fate of the funds and throwing ourselves a lavish party with purchases from the dear old Package Store.
That's my story....and who is the child with the grapefruit? Is that YOU???

ljmax said...

ok, it's Harold eating that orange...got it.