In England's green and pleasant land

Ethan and I are flying to England--Hooray! I am really excited that in two weeks time, we will actually be seeing Karena, Charlie, Lexie and Arthur in Cambridge! I cant believe it's really going to happen.

It's been about 16 years or so (can that be true?)since I visited the UK, with Daddy, Gretchen and Uncle Tim, oh, and I can't forget Uncle John (Can I?). Gorse! That whole trip seems like a dream. I'm trying to remember some of the places we visited in England. Most of our visit was spent exploring Scotland, fishing around for old Murray relatives with many adventures along the way. I do remember that we spent one day in London, trying to cram in all the major tourist sites, although my clearest memory is rushing through Westminster Abbey, trying to find a public bathroom. When I finally did find one, I had to PAY to use it!

Ok, so this trip will be a little different...As any mother of a two year old knows, just making a trip to the post office requires careful planning and steeling of the nerves. As you enter a public building, with your little one firmly in hand, you subconsciously check out the exits, the length of the line (is it worth the wait?)and take into account all possible hazards and tantrum-causing scenarios.

So, the planning for an overseas flight has begun. I'm not too worried about the flight over there. It's a non-stop flight and leaves right around Ethan's bedtime, so I'm hoping that he will sleep through most of the 6 hours. From London, there will be a 2 hour drive to Cambridge but he should still be somewhat sleepy. The return trip is another story, since it will be a couple hours longer and will be an afternoon flight. Time to stock up on lollipops...and...Benadryl??

Other than momentary twinges of fear and visions of Ethan causing an international spectacle, I am really quite excited and looking forward to visiting with family in a beautiful country during a beautiful time of year! I cant wait.


pennyjean said...

I'm so happy that you are going! (A little jealous, too!) I'll be looking forward to your reports and pictures from your trip.

ljmax said...

thanks Penny! Who is TASH?

pennyjean said...

He's one of the kids in the family of 11 children that I work for. He's sixteen and thinks it's hilarious that all of my friends want to know who Tash is!