Maaaade It!

Well, here we are in England! We arrived safely on Sunday after a fairly smooth flight. There were a few challenges along the way, like Ethan getting sick two days before we left, but overall things went well.

Ethan survived the seven hour confinement on the plane with surprising ease. Other than some occasionally restlessness and strange requests like..."Can I please watch Barney?" and, "I want to lie down on the floor!", he was distracted enough by all the new sights and sounds to do Ok. He didn't sleep much and, when they turned on the lights to serve breakfast at about 1:00 a.m. our time, his scrunched up face looked like a wounded animal. I tried, but didn't sleep a wink. Several of our fellow travelers complimented Ethan on doing so well...."He did lovely, didn't he?"

We were excited to finally arrive at Karena and Charlie's on a beautiful, bright day. In fact, the weather has been quite remarkable so far--mostly sunny, although cool. Ethan and Lexie warmed up to each other very quickly and began playing together happily, screaming and laughing and setting each other off. This, of course, lasted about 2 hours and now they fight like cat and dog...Oh well. Arthur is getting big and is a very easygoing baby. He smiles easily and is very content to sit in his bouncy seat and...bounce.

There is so much to write about and hopefully I'll catch up eventually. It is really beautiful here and I am so envious...every little thing including road signs, looks somehow classy and interesting. It feels like I'm living in a movie.
Lots more to come when I get time....


drewey fern said...

Hurrah, Liane! I'm so glad you're there, and that it is so beautiful. I love the title on this post! It has definitely become family (and beyond) legend. Somewhat like "Kimberly wants to open her present!" Claire told me about that totally forgotten incident recently, and I laughed and laughed, in a sort of mortified way:) I trust the rest of your visit is wonderful!

drewey fern said...

Oooo - another related tale. I still have, in the pages of my Bible, a little sketch Claire drew for me in Bible School. We had been studying the scape goat in Exodus, or wherever that part is, and she drew a picture of a little goat running away from the Isrealite camp, thinking: "Maaade it!" It made my day at the time, and continues to make me smile when I run across it.

Anonymous said...

YOU are envious!? You're the one who's THERE!!! Drink it all in and enjoy it while you can!

I love you loads,

KMS said...

Oh my word! Craig re-told me the "Maaaade It!" story a couple of years ago (probably heard it from Andrew), and I catch myself saying it, too. Of course no one around here would get it. Hope your visit is brill.

ljmax said...

I forgot to mention that one of my first sights on the drive up to K and C's was GORSE and Mustard feilds!!! Get out your camera quick!
At the passport check, as I was being grilled, I remembered the last time we were in that position and we laughed and asked for every question to be repeated because of the guy's strong accent.