Napster in the Kitchen

I love to get cookbooks out from the library and get some new ideas, once in a while. One of my favorites is Moosewood Restaurant New Classics, or any of their books, of which I own two. They are vegetarian and generally quite healthy and, at the same time have some really great, tasty recipes.

So, here's the dilemma...Is there something wrong with copying recipes from a library book? I mean writing them down for future use. I must admit I do this quite regularly but I began to wonder what is the difference between this and downloading songs from the internet (which I have repented from, really!) I mean, if I get this book out often enough and copy recipes enough, I'll never have to check it out again, let alone purchase it. On the other hand, I probably never would have bought it because I could get it at the library.

I guess, since it's made public by being in the library, its ok? Well then, what about CDs which are at the library???? HUH?! I'm sure I'm not supposed to copy them, am I?
Any ideas?


Nika said...

Hey! How are you guys? I haven't seen you guys for awhile. How's Ethan? I hope that you guys can come out sometime soon..
Love, Nika

kk said...


If it feels good, do it!
Haha, Just kidding everyone out there.


Gimli said...

I got sucked in by your ethical dilemma. Is it OK to steal a boat it you see someone drowning in the lake? Most people would say that it was OK, thereby proving that there are no absolutes.

Anyway, my personal opinion is that the whole point of copyright law is to prevent stealing from the author. If the fact that you are copying recipes is so that you don't have to buy the book, than the author is being cheated out of being recompensed for his labors. If youb wouldn't buy the book, than it would be a different story...

Just my two cents worth.