Fear of Flying

All two year old issues aside, I am somewhat dreading my upcoming flight. That part of the trip where the plane leaves the ground. Yup, I dont have a phobia really, I think it's just a normal anxiety thing. Partly because I dont fly very often. But also because I dont really understand the mechanics of flight. How does a huge, unweildy object full of people stay up in the air for hours? Should have paid more attention to Claire's character building tape about the antics of Orville and Wilber. (Hey, where you goin' with that oar?)

Yes, I know all the statistics about it being safer to fly and all that...I'm not really a fan of statistics any more. But once we are safely up in the air, I'm sure I'll be fine. My mind is not my ally during such times though and tends to picture a flock of birds flying into the propeller or some other fluke craziness. Good thing I'll have the distraction of Ethan's antics.

When Claire took her first flight to California, Andrew and I made a silly tape for her to listen to. I'm not sure if it was calculated to comfort or inspire further fear...but anyway, we sang any songs we could think of relating to airplanes or flying and threw some Deep Thoughts quotes in as well. So, maybe I'll close with the wisdom of Jack H again:
I'm telling you, just attach a big parachute TO THE PLANE ITSELF! Is anyone listening to me?!

Ok, Keith just told me jet planes dont have propellers (he thought I was joking) but, like I said before, I dont really understand much about the mechanics of flight.