What You Crave

Last night, Keith and I watched, "Supersize Me: A Film of Epic Proportions", a recent documentary about the dangers of fast food, specifically McDonalds. Instead of popcorn, we decided to increase our viewing pleasure with some burgers and fries...yes, we did. I honestly haven't had fast food in quite a while, and, after that film, probably won't for quite some time. I started losing my appetite very quickly.

The film follows a healthy, 33-year old man who eats nothing but McDonald's food for a month to see what the effects might be. He ends up gaining about 30 lbs, feels miserable, suffers from headaches and depression. His before and after blood tests show an increase in cholesterol and other problems with his liver, etc..... It's not terribly entertaining but is pretty interesting.

Ethan happened to see part of it and,recognizing a picture of Ronald McDonald, said with delight, "That's Mr.Donalds!! I member him!", sadly proving another of the movie's points, that our culture is thoroughly infiltrated by fast food images on all sorts of levels. Of course, parent responsibility is most important, and somewhat overlooked in the film, so I must admit I have taken Ethan to McDonalds 4 or 5 times. It's easy, cheap...and they have a play area! All part of the evil master plan.


Claire said...

I've watched "Supersize Me" twice with the girls at the Shelter...and it's almost as entertaining to listen to the girls' reactions as it is to watch the movie. I had to close my eyes during the gastric bypass surgery...Ooog. It sure has made me a little leery of fast food places and their nefariosity. Watching things like that makes me feel like I want to eat nothing but celery for the rest of my life.

KW said...


You were brave to watch it with your junk food in hand. Haven't seen it, but heard of it.

When I started to read your blog to Charlie
he didn't even want to hear it for fear
of getting grossed out. Can't imagine him
actually WATCHING it?!!

Brad said...

"Supersize Me" was awesome. I think I have only been to McD's once in the months since I saw it. Although I would rather eat a Big Mac than just celery. That's just gross, Claire.

AliChat said...

You are brave! I don't think I could or would be able to watch something like that with burger in hand!! I'm with Charlie....almost didn't want to read the rest of the post fearing the gorey details. I confess EJ and I do stop for the el cheapo $1 specials when on the run.

Cara said...

i have absolutely no guilt of stopping at McDonalds...not everyone's fat and sick and doing awful who goes there! (i check your blog all the time, and i'm so glad you found mine )