Which is It?

Ethan became sick again today with a fever which, at some point, prompted a discussion between me and Keith. Ethan was finally eating some food at dinner which encouraged me because he hadn't eaten much earlier and I said something like..."Oh that's good because THEY say, 'Starve a cold, Feed a fever'." Keith was convinced that it was 'Feed a cold, Starve a fever', and literally ran to his computer to prove me wrong, betting his life and everyone else's that he was correct.

I, of course, knew that I was right, partially because I had recently been pouring over childhood diseases in my "What to expect in the toddler years" with paranoid frequency. The book actually says that there is no medical basis for the old adage (a word I cannot pronounce correctly) but it is still a good thing to eat properly when feverish. I guess that's obvious.

Keith sticks by his internet research which he claims supports him. Can anyone clear this up? What is the original saying--Starve a cold or starve a fever??


Brad said...

I am afraid I must agree with Keith. I have no official proof, but that is how I have always heard it. But what are you supposed to do when you have both a fever AND cold symptoms?

Claire said...

That is so weird. I was actually thinking about that old ADAGE the other day! And I was confused: I couldn't remember for the life of me which one it was!

Karena said...

Hmmmm. I think I have heard feed a cold...sorry
Liane..But don't know about the fever. Seems like
common sense would say 'water a fever'. haha.
Poor Ethan. I've also heard you should give them
a warm bath rather than cool to keep the temp down.

ljmax said...

What is really weird is that the book I mentioned said..."To quote the old adage, 'Starve a cold, Feed a fever'..." So, they must be wrong too.
Give me official proof!

Gimli said...

I refer you to this webpage which I pronounce is the ultimate authority on etymology in general and this phrase in particular. (Everything you read on the internet must be true, right?)


pennyjean said...

I, too, have always heard "Feed a cold, starve a fever." Get better soon, Ethan!

ljmax said...

thanks for the help, guys! the fever continues...at least we know now that it is strep throat. should be better soon.