Look at their terrified faces!

I overheard Ethan whisper to his "friends" before pulling them around on his sled, "This going be fun!" Yeah, lots of excitement round here. Posted by Hello


KW said...

Oh MY!!

Ethan looks like he's taken a leaf out
of Lexie's book with the conglomeration
of the myriad of creatures. Great idea to
group them on the sled...

How is he feeling now?

ljmax said...

much better, thanks--I'm just waiting to get my strep results now.

Stephanie said...

That's so cute! He's adorable!
-Steph K.

Claire said...

..." And the Humpty Dumpty shall lie down with the Teletubby...and a little child shall lead them."

Anonymous said...

Keith, that picture reminds me of a certain theme park ride you and I concocted in our living room and made dad and mom watch. Not one of our most ingenius moments together.