A hot day at the zoo

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Detroit Zoo with Mark and Brandi and their kids, Hunter and Shiloh. The only thing that I remember about the whole event was the HEAT! It was in the 90's and very humid. I wanted to dive right in with the seals and polar bears. Heat makes me grumpy.

Ethan was also feeling the effects and, in spite of the sunscreen I slathered all over him, he developed a heat rash on his face. Poor kid, inherited the fair Sawtelle complexion from me. Amazing how heat like that just saps your energy, mine anyway.


karena said...

Humidity makes me VERY cranky.
We've been having some humid stuff
here too, although cool thse past
couple days. Ethan looks kissable as usual..

Claire said...

Poor thing! He looks like he's about to dissolve into a puddle of misery!