A day off!

Yesterday I received an incredible gift: Time away from Ethan. Sounds terrible, I know, but I think every mother will agree that occasional breaks are powerful sanity restorers. I remember before I had Ethan, hearing all the motherhood cliches about it being the hardest job ever and of course, it all made sense but I'm not sure how much I really believed it. I remember secretly thinking that it had to be easier than my job outside the home.

The hardest thing about being a mother, I think, is the relentless nature of the job. It never ends. And believe me, I dont want it to but, the point is, breaks are essential. No matter how stressful any of my previous jobs were, and I certainly didn't have a high-powered career, I could leave it all behind when I came home every day. Well, of course there was always paperwork and treatment plans to be thought out, but it could be done in my own way and time. Even as I try to compose this, Ethan is literally hanging on my chair..."Look at me, Mama! I'm skating! Is it late now? It's dark out....."

And weekends...! Ah, I miss them. But, of course there is always the other truth of motherhood which barely needs to be said...that it is all well worth it and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Still, it sure is nice to have a little help along the way.

So...yesterday, Amy(Lynn)Morris offered to take Ethan for the day. She lives about 40 minutes away and we were able to easily meet about halfway. He had a great time playing with her son Grant who is a few months older than Ethan. It was so nice knowing that Ethan was safe and happy and in the meantime, I was able to think fairly coherent thoughts and speak more than one word, uninterrupted. It was really strange being in the house without him here...felt almost spooky. A pleasant, peaceful spookiness. I was able to get so much done...Shopping, a Dr.'s appointment...What a luxury.

So...thank you, Amy. I needed that.


gretchen said...

"Sounds terrible" nothing!!! Only to the uninitiated, never to another mother. The breaks are a vital part of retaining (or regaining) sanity, perspective, and energy of every kind. May you have many more! Certainly an instance of "absence makes the hear grow fonder." I could say so much about this : )

Love to you

gretchen said...

Oh bother. I meant "heart" of course.

Stephanie said...

I know what u mean. Not that I have a kid and have to have breaks, but I'm in the middle of giving someone else a break right now. I'm in maine watching Becca and Eva while Uncle Tim and Aunt Carrie are away for their anniversary. I'm just happy I could come up to help them out.

Loreo said...

I was getting ready to respond to the niceness of getting a break when I had to help clean up William from eating....then try to put him to bed...then listen to him protest....still crying....don't know if nap's gonna happen. What's that gal's phone number? Just kidding. :)

Jill said...

Ah, yes. Breaks are essential! Last night I told Evan I REALLY needed a little break from the kids. Could I just have till noon on Saturday? He very kindly agreed, I think realizing how close I am to a nervous breakdown (not entirely, but close!). He's got the kids now--took them to Dunkin Donuts. When they get back I'm going to hole myself up in our bedroom and READ a book without any interruptions! So glad you got a whole day to yourself.

Amy said...

You are very welcome, Liane! I am happy to have given you a much needed break...we all need one. Please, let me do it again!! The boys had a great time. It gave Grant someone to play "super hero" with...Ella just doesn't get into it as much as he would like. As we were parting ways at the mall...Grant got choked up and said "But, I'm going to be missing my friend Effan." So...we must do it again soon.