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AHHH!! Just had to post this for your viewing pleasure. This current auction is for a "New Japanese Snoopy Huge Doll 36 Inch"!!

The only product description I could find was this:
"he cute item is designed to decorate your car. This brand new original product with high quality material and fine printing is no longer available for sale in the market. It's part of coco's collections. A exclusive collection for Japan Sanrio and San-X fans, so cute!!! Will be always on your hand now, a great of your companion. I sure you will love it so much."

Decorate YOUR CAR?? As a passenger? Since when is Snoopy Japanese? In spite of the attractive garb?
If you want, you can buy it NOW for $50.00! I sure you will love it so much!!


Loreo said...

What a riot! I read it through once, then, a second time, with a shrill Japanese accent. Too funny!

maldrich said...

Oooh, ooh, that's just what I need! Another passenger in my car! Hehe.

DJ said...

Ahh, an understanding of Japanese culture might help here

*BloggerMan to the RESCUE!!!*

The japanese, for whatever reason, are as a nation infatuated with plushies[known to us americans as stuffed animals]. A popular anime can make more money off it's merchandising of plushies of the characters than by selling the show. Scary stuff, and it's spreading to Otaku[anime fans, primarily US fans], so watchout! You might see a HUGE Snoopy in a car sooner than you think :)

ljmax said...

thanks derrick--
I did look up japan sanrio and san-x just to make sure it wasn't something too scary and got a little glimpse into the strange, soft and furry cute animal worship....weird and scary!