Redneck Traffic Jam

If you had visited us today, you could have participated in one of Michigan's finest annual events. The Woodward Dream Cruise has the distinctive claim of "world's largest celebration of car culture that attracts over 1.7 million visitors, and more than 40,000 muscle cars, street rods, custom, collector and special interest vehicles." And, best of all, it takes place in our own backyard, or technically, our front yard.

It's only supposed to be a one-day event but people are in a frenzy about it all week long and enthusiasts could be found sitting beside the road in lawn chairs at all hours of the day, watching the occasional classic car pass by. It ties up traffic all week and access to Woodward itself is pretty limited today.

Keith and I really had no interest in watching cars drive around but because we only live a few blocks away from Woodward and we thought Ethan might find it interesting, we decided to check it out. Also, my Aunt Linda and Uncle Nick are in the area, visiting us for a few days and they were interested so we all braved the hordes, the noise and the exhaust fumes.

There were some pretty strange looking sights, both cars and people. Here's Ethan getting his portrait taken next to a Rolls Royce:


Claire said...

As Uncle Nick probably said,

KW said...

That's right....UN be-leevable

Ethan looks a little

Hopefully talk with you soon!
sorry been so long...

melbrown said...

What an attraction! Beautiful cars, beautiful people, beautiful, um, traffic jams... what could be finer?

It kind of looks like Ethan is wearing swimming goggles.

Anonymous said...

Nice car, Ethan. Will you give me a ride? Gram C