Wha? Huh? Eh?

Keith and I have often thought that many of our arguments tend to stem from some sort of hearing problem. Here's an example from last night.

We were both sitting down, watching a show together and I looked up at the wall at a new clock I'd recently picked up at a yard sale. I took a drink of water from my glass and said, "That clock is soothing to the eyes."

Keith: "In what way?"
Me (exasperated): "In the way I said it was, to the eyes." (Full of patience, as always)
Keith: "Is it cold or hot coffee?"
Me: "WHAAT?"

Keith, of course, had misheard me and thought I was talking about whatever it was that I was drinking when I mentioned that the clock was soothing. Now the question is, is it true deafness or just selective hearing?


Loreo said...

That's pretty retahded--made me laugh!! Have you heard that old-timey "Who's on first?" bit? Is it Laurel and Hardy or something like that?

Jill said...

I think most men have a hearing problem. Seems to be universal. Evan is deaf in one ear, as you know, but there are times when I KNOW he heard me very clearly and he still manages to mess up what I said or totally misunderstand. I read somewhere that this happens frequently in marriages because men and women think differently. Argh. It's still annoying!

Jill said...

After posting the above comment I realized I exaggerated a little. Evan is an awesome listener, and it doesn't happen very often that he doesn't hear me right. It's just that those times when he hasn't are so totally bizarre!