Blue and Yellow

Yesterday we decided to explore Ann Arbor which is about an hour's drive from us. We were somewhat familiar with the area since we stayed there for two weeks when we first arrived in Michigan. And Keith has worked in the area so we were able to find our way around fairly well.

After finding gas for a local bargain at $3.19, we set off. It was sunny but not too warm...perfect weather. As we drove, Keith suddenly remembered that there was going to be a football game at the University of Michigan that very day. Which, of course, was right where we were heading.

Once we arrived downtown, there was no doubt something big was about to happen. Traffic was crawling, hordes of kids decked out in college colors surrounded us. We passed frat houses with music booming and swarms of rowdy kids out drinking on their lawns. Entrepreneuring students held out enticing signs while standing in their driveways: "Parking--$20, Free Beer!" Another noisy group waved a sign to the passing traffic, "You Honk, We Drink!"

As we continued on, Ethan spoke up excitedly, "There's superman! I see him...SUPERMAN!" And sure enough, there was a deranged fan running down the street wearing shorts, a cape and full body paint in blue and yellow. Later, as we were leaving the city, Ethan kept looking for him and finally concluded, "Superman went somewhere else to fly."

We stopped randomly and watched a few minutes of a college rugby game on our way home. We thought Ethan might be interested. Talk about hard to follow...I thought football was bad. Who knows what the rules might be or what's ultimately supposed to happen. A ball just gets kicked and thrown around and so do the players. It was pretty violent.

Yeah, so that was our interesting morning. We'll have to visit again sometime on a more peaceful day.


DJ said...

Hurray for Superman! Glad Ethan thot such nice things about him.

and way to make a man of him by showing him rugby! heh, heh, heh...

KW said...

Rugby is def. a violent game. Pretty popular
over here too. Ethan must have found it

Amy said...

Ahh, my alma mater, I am so proud. For similar eye candy, venture into Detroit near Ford Field on any given Sunday. You’ll feast your eyes on over zealous Lions fans engaging in similar activities. WARNING: They will be significantly older, wearing fewer clothes, and furrier than those you witnessed at U of M. We Michiganders take our football and being a fan very seriously.