...In Less Than a Year!

I declare Ethan officially toilet trained. A statement of faith, really. What truly defines toilet trained? On second thought, don't tell me. I'm sure we're not quite there yet. Well, anyway, after recent intense work/moans/bribery he is using the toilet fairly consistently although lots of reminders and coaxing are needed. Ethan explained to me his own self-taught toileting technique: "I think, think, think about fish and boats." ? Whatever works.

And none too soon, for tommorow is Ethan's First Day of Pre-School!! He is supposed to be 100 percent independent in the toileting department. Gulp. He will be attending a Lutheran school twice a week for a couple of hours in the morning. I am feeling a strong mix of excitement and trepidation for his first day tommorow. We went to open house last week where Ethan met his teacher, and was introduced to his classroom and coathook and all such matters of importance. He was very excited and wanted to stay. He knows that tommorow I will be dropping him off and Leaving(!) and still seems to feel positive about it all. So...we shall see!