Cheesy, but true

Last night I decided to be ambitious and make Mac-n-Cheese for Ethan's dinner. The REAL kind! Sadly, since becoming a mother and discovering the ease and convenience of the boxed variety (because these two things happen simultaneously), I have lowered my macaroni standards. Sometimes I would feel a pang whipping up the fake cheese blends, fearing for my child's future palate. Alas, my fears have already been realized.
As I removed the baked concoction from the oven, with a feeling of smug accomplishment (sad, but true), Ethan leaned over to peer at the dish.
"What IS that?"
"It's supposed to be YELLOW!"

However, he tore right into it and seemed to enjoy it for the most part. Until he ran into some actual texture, that is.
"What's this scratchy stuff?"
And later, "There's ONION in here!" Gagging sounds...

I've created a monster.


karena said...

Reminds me of the reverse concept--how I now love artificial maple syrup after having the real thing growing up.

the Joneses said...

I hate to say anything against my esteemed mother-in-law... but I'm compelled to say that Darren eats my home-made mac-n-cheese only out of love for me. He loves boxed mac-n-cheese. He has passed this love on to Addie; between the two of them, they can eat an entire box of it. But Darren is an otherwise admirable individual, so don't worry too much.

-- SJ

Loreo said...

My mom made excellent homemade mac and cheese growing up. I never tasted the "fake" stuff until I don't know when. But when I try to make it myself from Betty Crocker, the texture of the sauce isn't quite right!

Keith said...

I agree Karena- real maple syrup is watery, chunky, discolored, and altogether overrated. Nature can be improved on in many ways.

KW said...

haha..yes, also reminds me how I used to
cover up my home made bread sandwiches when
we had lunch in the cafeteria at school as noone else
had bread that looked like that. How ridiculous it all
seems now...ah to be that age again with the wisdom that comes with age...not

DJ said...

Poor kid. It looks like you've ruined him already :)