Mixed blessings?

One of the draws of moving to Michigan was the affordable cost of living compared to New England. Or so we thought. Somehow we managed to find an affordable rental in one of the most expensive areas, not only in MI but in the nation, indeed, the world! Well, that's according to the last official census from 2000 which places our county as the 3rd most wealthy county in the world. I'm not sure how they come up with these figures but somehow it doesn't surprise me what with the overabundance of beautiful people in this area.

Beautiful people and their beautiful prices. The other day I decided to look around for a hair salon. I started with one nearby which looked like nothing special at all. Woman's haircuts: $43. After more inquiries, I discovered this price is a local bargain with an average cut at a downtown salon running for over twice that amount.

Even though we live in one of the least desirable neighborhoods in our city, it is still safe and a very convenient location. It is pretty much impossible to buy a home in the downtown area for under a million.

There are a few benefits though, that accompany this impossible beauty and privilege. Our local library is very nice and there are lots of great parks nearby. Another great perk we just discovered is that our town and eventually, county have started offering free wireless internet access. So, hey, even if we can't heat our home this winter, we can get online and warm our bones by the cozy glow of our computer screen.


DJ said...

that's right. Nothing brings a family closer than huddling around the laptop to get warm :)

Beth said...

Do you ever listen to "RICK MUSIC" while chewing "RED MAN" ?

Loreo said...

There is so definitely a corellation between money in town and beautiful people in town, isn't there?! And vice versa.

Claire said...

No kidding about warming your bones with the computer. I had the laptop on my lap - of all places- yesterday and practically BURNED myself - it got so hot. Woe Nellie.

Wow! Free internet access! What next?