Don't go...please stay

Drew is one month old today! The newborn haze is still upon us but thankfully, we've had some help. My parents were able to drive out and be here for over a week right after the birth which was a great help. And tonight, we are getting ready to say goodbye to Claire who flew out last week to lend her aid as well.
She has kept Ethan occupied almost constantly with supernatural patience and ease. I don't know how she managed to keep her sanity after hours of playing in Ethan's world (as well helping him dress, clean up, consume meals...). She even went the extra mile and watched episodes of his beloved, cheesy, 60's style Spiderman movies with him! Poor thing. We will all miss her! Tonight, as I was putting Ethan to bed I explained that Claire was flying back home tommorow. He said, "No, she won't be flying because I will wreck the airplane so she can't leave." Ah, such gentle affection.


janelle said...

Three cheers for e-Claire!

And are those matching GOP elephant jammies like the pair Ethan sported when he was a babe? Where on earth did you find a jumbo size for him now?

So cuuute!

ljmax said...

Yesirree--I found the same sleeper in 4T recently and figured, despite the girly pink, Ethan would enjoy the matching thing...