The missing links

Even though I don't have many links listed on my blog, I do have quite a few favorites I like to visit regularly. I thought I'd share a few of them.

Of the many crafty types I visit, this fairly recent one has some really great ideas, tutorials and links to more. Another blog I check out is written by the creator of some great knit toys like the robot and odd fellow I made. Some of the best are blogs which combine motherhood topics and creating things. This one makes me drool almost daily. Here's another knitting/mother one. And another.
There's a blog I read written by a new mother who is also an illustrator and her webpage shows some of her talent. Love reading it.

Ok, in case anyone needs some fuel to throw on the fires of their materialism, visit this shopping blog. They have some really interesting things and most are so out of my league expense-wise, they aren't all that tempting. It's good for getting ideas anyway...I can rationalize all day. Here's a couple more that fall under this category. Sparkability is a store for kids with some really cool things. And this place has some interesting jewelry. Now everyone is edified.

These are but a few. And of course I can't vouch for everything on all of them. In fact, with my luck, there will probably be something highly offensive that is posted today on each one...That's my little disclaimer.

Oh, I forgot allrecipes which I love for help in the kitchen where inspiration often runs dry.


DJ said...

I found your disclaimer highly amusing :-)

gretchen said...

Hurray! I just checked out that allrecipes place and got a bunch of new meal ideas--Thanks so much! Checked out a bunch of the other sites yesterday, but masondixonknitting is still my favorite out of all of those : )