Brown or Blue?

Does anyone remember when their baby's eye color started changing, if it did at all? Ethan's are brown and I do know that it took a long time for them to change but can't quite pinpoint when that started. I've been looking at old pictures for a clue and it's a little hard to tell but looks like they started to darken some around four or five months. Drew still has pretty light blue eyes and I'm just wondering if they'll stay the same or change. Pretty earth shattering stuff, I know.

Also, I neglected to mention some other important news...Drew rolled over last Thursday, with many shouts of encouragement from his cheerleaders. Now he won't stop!

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Claire said...

Sorry- I have no insights on the whole eye color issue...but...nice pictures, once again! Thanks- I always enjoy them.

And KK, if you are reading this, put up some more on your blog, please!!

gretchen said...

Woohoo! Hurray for milestones! I remember how excited every one of those things was with Michael, but with each successive baby a little part of me is saying "No, no!" Not because I'm being all mushy and wishing they wouldn't grow up so fast, but because I'm thinking to myself: "Oh no, now he's that much closer to mobility!" And that's way more work!!!