Bags and bears...oh my!

Here's a great tutorial for making a bag. I tried it out and am pretty happy with the results. The directions were clear and simple. I wish I had used a little sturdier fabric but I didn't have enough for the pattern. I used some blue linen that I bought long, long ago in some misguided flurry of domesticity and a light cotton for the lining. I even found a good place for my Homestar "Raised By a Cup of Coffee" patch on the inside pocket. More pics. on flickr.

Next up, Top-Heavy Todd is his name...Quite the interesting creature from this pattern. Sure enough, when I printed out the pattern, the head piece was somehow grossly enlarged and of course I didn't even notice this until I cut out the fabric and thought, something is just not right here...So, I ended up trying to cut it down to size somewhat but, sadly he is unable to sit up on his own because his head is just too big. Oh well, he's cute anyway. I'm not sure what kind of animal he is...Keith says he looks like a koala, so I perched him up in our tree for a picture.

I'm getting a little nervous about my backtack package which I mailed over a week ago, priority mail. I'm hoping it didn't get lost somewhere en route... I'll post pictures when I know for sure it has landed.


Claire said...

Seriously, Lee, you oughta start a bidness or sumpin.

KW said...

You could create names like that for your creatures and
design special tags that go around their neck:)

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Top-Heavy Todd could quite possibly be a crearure of great intellect... ...has he made any deep thought provoking remarks lately? 8~D

ljmax said...

No remarks...just blank stares. Not too sure about the intellect.