Color week

I'm joining in on color week and today's color is white. Ah, one of my favorite colors, or non-colors if you please. Although there's lots of white to choose from in my home, I thought of my wedding dress as a good subject for today. Actually, I think my wedding dress is far away in NH but I did find my veil and although technically ivory, I think it works.

The little flowers were created by my very own crafty and talented mother-in-law who altered my dress and used the extra fabric to make these flowers. They look just like the original flowers on the dress.

Now's probably a good time to go read the Nikon manual...


yankeegal said...

crafty and beauteous....any sign of hte backtack pkg yet?

drewey fern said...

YAY! I'm very excited about color week:) What a great idea!