Dem bones, dem bones

Recently, some digging in a town next to us unearthed Mastodon bones. These bones were taken to the nearby Cranbrook Institute to be cleaned and today was the last day the public could view the cleaning process.

We've talked about visiting the science museum before but figured it would be a little too old for Ethan. Well, it was for the most part but he seemed to enjoy the dinosaur exhibits. Drew did great and sat quietly in his stroller the whole time!

Ethan most enjoyed exhibits which involved moveable objects:

More on Flickr.


Claire said...

A MASTADON? Cool. Mastadon. I just like saying it.

melbrown said...

What does Drew's hat say? His outfit is super cute.

ljmax said...

I got that hat at a yard sale-couldn't resist- it has some french phrase on it which I only recently looked up. It says something equivalent to "head in the clouds"