Beat the heat, drill sergeant

I sure am thankful for central air in our house. The heat is a little isolating though because it does limit the outdoor activities...Except for swimming!
We recently got a pool which Ethan absolutely loves even when the water is freezing cold and he shivers for half an hour after getting out of the pool. He is like a little fish--constantly underwater.

It's really nice to have so I can't complain too much about Drew's teething behavior which keeps him up more at night(and day), keeps him crying most of the day and I think has caused a nursing strike so that feedings have become quite a production. Good fun for all.

Maybe it's being stuck in the house a lot or Drew getting older but Ethan's attention seeking behaviors have escalated lately. There seems to be an almost constant stream of repetitive noise, humming, spitting sounds and nonsense words emanating from his always-open-mouth.
That is, when he's not playing just a little too rough with Drew or begging again and again for me or Keith to play with him.

On a more positive note, I found another great Martha idea recently. You can download the templates on her website for some handy kitchen references. Not since the days of Warren's oft-heard battle cry, "A pint's a pound the world around", have I had such a helpful cooking aid. Actually I don't think that quote ever really helped me and probably a more common Warren quote was, "Go look it up yourself!"

Also, Keith and I have been watching the documentary film "The UP series" on DVD. I happen to find most documentaries quite fascinating and this one is no exception. It follows the lives of fourteen people from the age of seven to adulthood, with updates every seven years, exploring the Jesuit maxim,"Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man". Some of the British cultural complexities are lost on us but it is really quite captivating and thought provoking. We have 2 episodes left and are waiting for them to come in at the library.


Aaron S. said...

I love the picture!

Janzelle said...

Every time I hear someone ask "IS IT HOT ENOUGH FOR YA?" I think of you.

Hope Ethan gets off your back and Drew sprouts some chompers soon.

Stay cool!

Loreo said...

William is the same way--quite obnoxious plenty of the time. He is the most strong-willed and loudest of all the tribe. But he is putting things together and expressing himself better every day, which is fascinating. Drew's tummy improving?