Sophie Bounce

Sometimes I wonder why my brain holds onto useless memories. Like this one: when I was about seven or eight or nine (see all important details are missing), I remember very clearly hearing the news that someone by the name of Sophie was going to visit our home.

Not ever having met or seen a Sophie before that time, I had a picture in my mind of how this strange, exotic new person would look. I watched out the window for her and my disappointment was great when a very ordinary, normal looking individual came strolling up our long, brick walkway.

I recently finished another creation, a present for a certain little someone who has a birthday in November. The pattern, by the way, is from the "put-together book" which I highly recommend. The instructions are clear and detailed. Also, I used some of the great fabric Cecilie sent me.

I have to say this creature is a little like my original mental image of what a Sophie should look like.


Claire said...

Love da shoes.

It's really a crying shame how, most of the time, reality drastically disappoints our imaginative expectations. Rats. One more grown-up lesson learned. Mightswell have NO imagination if it's going to be so thoroughly and painfully DASHED all the time!!

( I'm really only in a phaux bad mood.)

lis said...

All I can think of is the book, Emily and Her Runaway Imagination.

Should I stop bemoaning my lack of imagination now? :O)

the Joneses said...

I at the same age thought Sophie was an incredibly elegant name and decided I'd use it for a pen name when I wrote books and was famous. Turns out that lots of other people thought the same thing about the name Sophie, juding from the number of girls with that name now. I have to come up with a more exotic choice... maybe I can study your quirky little creature and be inspired.

-- SJ

cecilie said...

Ohh, what a wonderful Sophie! Love that you used the fabric - it makes a perfect little dress! Very sweet, and I love the name too..

KJ said...

Sophie Bounce! What fun! She was the one who introduced us to Anne of Green Gables I believe it was, back when we lived in GA!