I finally finished my first Mason-Dixon knitting project, the ballband dishcloth. Who gets excited about knitting a dishcloth? Well, these people do, so in spite of my doubts, I tried it out. The pattern was fun even though these weren't my first choice for colors because the selection was limited at good ol' Meijer. At least working with cotton is economical. Lots more projects in this book which I can't wait to try...I've already started on the baby bib.

And, remember this sunflower we nurtured from seed?

So far, so good:

And, my potted tomatoes are looking good at this point...Hopefully they'll ripen before being completely consumed by critters and/or disease.


Janzelle said...

Doggone it if I ain't the first to comment again. You can alwuz count on me.

Love Ethan's shirt, glad you didn't cave to the pressure of Keith's team mates and defect to the other side!

Your dish rag looks very impressive as do your sunflower seedling and tomato. I am GREEN with envy.

Why you no call me?

Stephanie said...

Your knitting projects always impress me. Great job! I have knit several things but nothing super complex!

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Nothin' quite like a slighly over ripe tomater fer throwin' at a likely object---green is fer hopin'...? 8~)

Cheech said...

Green is Meemsa's favorite color, but I like blue the best. I laud your gardening skills!

katmax said...

i planted some sunflowers for elise, no growing yet, i guess i did something wrong, but i do have 2 tomatoes growing,yeah,i'm amazed that you find the time to knit things and still do things with your kids, go Liane!