Trip to New England

We're back from our trip and there's way too much to catch up on. Most of our bags are unpacked and the laundry has been started so now it's time to do some blogging!! Whoohoo--I've missed my internet access. Even though we did have access at a couple places we stayed, there wasn't enough time to surf much. We packed a lot into 11 days.

Here's my lazy summary of the highlights:

::Having air conditioning in the car we drove

::Visiting family and friends at the family convention

::Drew's dedication

::Ethan and Luke running the 50 yard dash

::Lunch and a visit to the park with Andrew and Alicia--just like old times!

::New England architecture and scenery...we miss it

::Safety in all our miles of traveling

::Ethan occupied for hours playing with his cousins

::Staying at Scott and Val's and Ronda and Dave's--thank you!

::Our little glimpse of Moxie day in Lisbon Falls

::Thrift shopping with Val and Mrs. Brown

::Dinner at Kevin and Chrissy's where even spaghetti is a five star meal

::The ocean in Brunswick, ME and Casey's fruitful search for sea creatures

::Ethan and Luke's fierce and impassioned argument: "It's a naughty day!" (Luke) "NO, it's a beautiful day!" (Ethan)

::Ethan and Drew visiting their grandparents

::LOTS of Dunkin Donuts

::Ethan's love of water and fearlessness at the camp in Maine

::Talking with my parents

::Our drive home which was a thousand times better than the trip out

Ethan is walking around the house like a little old man saying over and over, "It's good to be home."

Pictures on Flickr.


Jill said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time. I feel bad we didn't get a chance to see you. I had hoped to try to drop by and see you at Cherilyn's on Friday but it was the day my dad flew in and we had so much going on that day. Next time you come maybe we can steal you away from all your family for dinner or something for a few hours. :-)

Janzelle said...

Welcome home, Maxwell family! I missed you guys even though we would not likely have seen each other in the time you were gone. It is good to have you back safe and sound.

gretchen said...

I'm SO glad to hear the trip back went so well. Praise the Lord! What a relief. Loved that list of highlights--thanks!

Cara said...

Loved your pictures! Glad to hear the trip went better, and that you had a good time in good ol' New England.

I love Ethan's batman shirt. I have one very similar to it. :)

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Glad you're back in blog land... 8~)

lis said...

I felt very honored to be at Drew's dedication. :O) And I'm so glad that trip back was better!