Mail from Norway

One of the good things about coming home was running to the Post office the next day to pick up my mail. I was hoping my package from the magazine swap I joined might have arrived. And, sure enough...it had!

Even the postage mark was intriguing...looks expensive, doesn't it?

I meant to blog about all this before but too much has been happening. I joined the swap weeks ago and was matched up randomly with Cecilie, a fellow crafter who lives in Oslo, Norway. The point of the swap was to get a magazine from another country, just for the fun of it, really. I'm just a sucker for these types of things so I joined right up.

Anyway, my swap partner sure was good to me. She sent me three beautiful magazines, some very good chocolate and some fabric which I absolutely love!

The novelty of the Norwegian packaging and language is half the fun! Can't wait to finish exploring the magazines and use this fabric in another project.


Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Ol' 'Lanche is-a-wishin' he could curl his buds around summa yer chocolate... 8~)

Shari said...

How neat, Liane! I would loved to have participated . . . I'll have to join the next one if Cotton Strudel (love that name) does another one.

I'm 100% Norwegian, so I love seeing all that Norwegian stuff. My parents went to Norway last year and just loved it. Now you just need to learn Norwegian so you can read the magazines! LOL!

asaphat said...

Hooray for Norway! I love that place and am plotting to go back someday. What a coincidence that you got someone from there...yes, Norway IS expensive...I bet she paid a pretty hefty price to get that to you. (I think if you divide it by about 6 you'll get the cost in dollars...I mean doll-hairs.)